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Event Photography Awards 2019

13-Aug-2019   Author :   Category : Business Events

Good work of any sort is appreciated by all. Through passing years  the scope of talent and platform for expressing it has increased to a whole new extent. Today we will be talking about the glitzy, yet not much talked about awards function recognizing event photographers, Event Photography Awards, 2019.

Let’s see some of the classic pictures clicked by the World’s best event photographers category-wise.

  • Behind the scenes

  Winner- Legends Stairway – By Deb Porter

The image clearly depicts the photographer’s insight towards the scenario; here the staff is attentively listening to their leader. It seems that a mega-event is about to begin and duties allocated are being cross-verified, but the interesting part of the picture here is the cluster of the legendary photo-frames around the ladder that collectively acknowledge the intensity of the discussion.

Runner-up - Backstage on Fire- By Floris Heuer

A shadow doesn’t have a name and doesn’t need one especially after you look at this silhouette of a man busy working at the stage. The photographer discretely adds flare to the picture by capturing the sunlight as the backdrop, apparently that balances the intensity in the look of the event as a whole. 



Winner- Making A Splash – By Kevin Moran

Customer satisfaction is the best analogy that describes the brand success and most brands today win their customers through experiential marketing. Here, the photographer has captured a spell-bound image of a power machine cornering at an extreme angle passing the litmus test. Undoubtedly, this photographer had doubled the ratio of sale for this speeding car splashing through the wetland.

  Runner up - BBC W Showcase

There’s no event like BBC Studios Showcase. The news channel is famous for its documentaries and this event gives the snippet of episodes bringing together the producers, talents and BBC executives on the floor. It takes the audience for a tour of their most popular programs such as Top Gear, The Planets, and One Planet. The photographer must have had a great time clicking these classic episodes.              


Winner- The Art of Plating- Floris Heuer

The pleasure of exploring varieties of food flavors become mellow, if the chef has slight bend and zeal for food presentation techniques, adding range of colors and edible frills. This photographer has captured the craftsmanship of the seasoned chef, who has flawlessly demonstrated food assortment skills. It seems he is trying to resonate the plating to the event’s mood.

Runner up – Roux Quality Control- Deb Porter

With age comes the wisdom, the old man religiously scrutinizes the food platter to check the perfection. After all, the flavors are disciplined under his mentorship and he has to assure it isn’t outrageous.  All credit goes to photographer for being spontaneous.


Winner-“The Lithuanians” by Panayis Chrysovergis

Spice up your life with a little bit of fun & joy. Flexing their funny bones these couples seem completely carried away by the party. The careless demeanor on their face shows no sign of the strain from daily hustle.

Runner up“All The Trimming”

Gorging on varieties of food delicacies is a complete madness during a Christmas party. Irrespective of what your event is, food cramps become obvious when everything is placed in order, prepped with grated cheese ready to melt your hungry soul. With so many things going around, your taste buds  go on a roller coaster of flavors.


Winner- ‘The Summit’ by Noah Goodrich

Not all corporate events are formal a few are fun.  It is a rare occasion when a corporate event is celebrated as a grand festival, this photographer luckily happens to be in one such event taking complete advantages of it.

Runner up -'Fisheye View'- by Vicki Couchman

Chit-chatting in abundance, building opinion and predictable session that usually ends with suggestive solution is a standard format of corporate events. However, to make it more interesting this canned format is modulated in recent times by inducing interactive sessions, attractive decor and fun activities. Photographer here shows a state-of-art capturing this beautiful fisheye view from top of the event, separating center stage with cheerful audience.

  • Cultural events

Winner- Boardmasters- by Andrew Whitton

A panoramic view of the mesmerizing beach at breath-taking height is a reason enough to attend this public festival. The whizzing breeze when hit your face at this height it will run a chill from top to bottom, but all worth if your dream of tornado ride is getting fulfilled.  Photography in mid-air is a rare occasion and full marks to the photographer for capturing this exclusive shot.

Runner up - “Form a Circle” - by Ian Knight

During cultural events people bond over cracked jokes and glass of wine, but this group has picked some out-of-box idea to socialize. They have suspended themselves in the air with the hook called “trust” and “faith”. Photographer here tried to weld the core qualities of human civilization through his photography skills, which he did wonderfully. The same photo came out as a winner in “amateur” category.  

  • Music events

Winner- 'Live and Loud'- by Katie Frost


Clenching stick hard, the drummer gives a full blow to her instruments producing storm of music syllables, intense enough to shake the audience. Impressed with the intensity of the drummer the photographer frames the epic moment in lens at right moment.   The same photo also won the runner up in “amateur” category.

Runner up – 'Monument'- by Katja Ogrin

Driven by passion, the artist completely carried away in the ecstasy of his musical beats which eventually shifted him to a trance state of her own creation. 

  • Private events

Winner-“Multitasking”- by Andrew Billington

It is ‘the’ heart-touching image, as photographer superimposes the innocent gesture over the hunger pangs.  The toddler and old man trying to align their feelings over the food, gives photographer the best shot of the year. 

Runner up –'Duck Drink'- by Andrew Billington

Dunking ducklets are always adorning to watch, but this duck is moving mysteriously towards the drink arouse lots of curiosity. The question here is, will it peck the glass first or the hand coming on the way to tangy sips. The ambiguity over duck boozing remains intact, while photographer gets away with the shot of the day.

  • Sporting events 

Winner-'Hossegor Bunkers' - by James North

High current waves are like paradise to sea-surfers, but on certain days it becomes hell for ace-surfers too. This surfer on the shore analyses the bad weather condition and look completely in dismay, whether to plunge into sea-storm or simply enjoy the scenic view of monstrous waves from the bay.  In midst of this turmoil, the photographer has opportunity to tap on the precious moment emulsified in oceanic blue.

Runner up – 'Muddy Dog'- by Paul Clarke

Winning a game gives some kind of accomplishment, may be its true for animals too. This dog high on adrenaline is rushing furiously towards the finishing line, as if he has something to prove.

  • Trade shows AND EXHIBITIONS

Winner- 'Brushbeard'- by Benjamin Arthur

Camouflaging beard with the brand product could be a mere co-incident or may be an intended makeover to drive attention. Whatsoever, but this man has live up to the moment presenting himself as the brand ambassador of the product in some tradeshow.

Runner up - 'No Rush'- by James Lyndsay

Hundreds of feet strolling on the floor while profoundly looking for their product of interest are common visuals at tradeshows, unless you see someone like this gentleman. The old man looks in no hurry and gauges event at his pace, an outstanding work by photographer who projected man out of the crowd.

  • Venues

       Winner- The Sun- by Floris Heuer

An emulation of heat waves perforating from core of the Sun illuminates the entire event skin in red hot. The enormity of event is quite visible with a massive fire-ball in background sighted from far away.  It seems every bit in there is trying to equilibrium the attendee’s intensity.

 Runner up - Atrium of the Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre'- by Carlotta Luke

It is an attribute of top photographer to see things beyond ordinary and visualize object in four dimensions.  This photographer caught this visual of natural light inscribing a periscope pattern in the atrium of Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre, which beautifully elevated the artistic sculpture and discerning design.

  • Weddings

Winner- ‘Dad's First Look’ - by Steve Grogan

Hiding emotion does not work in father-daughter relationship. In this image, bride’s father is happy yet could not stop tears owing to his separation from daughter, while her daughter spread big smile on her face only to console her heart-breaking Dad. The photographer stitched both instances on same page beautifully.

Runner ups- "The Last Wish"- by Panayis Chrysovergis

Life continues its journey from spring fall to blossoming garden and vice versa. The photo of bride visiting to old-woman on a delicate moment of her life is heart-touching to see. The exchanging smiles and pampering hand over forehead tells everything, appreciating every inch of beautiful life endowed on them.  Certain sentiments are unexplainable this is one among them.


Winner- ‘Banqueting House’- by Matt Chung

The first thing hit to your mind when you watch this massive hall is the colossal. The photographer would have felt the same, watching the high rising roof molded with an artistic picture in an exuberant color,  adding to its beauty are the contrasting flood lights at the bottom of the pillars. 

Runner up – ‘Purple Guildhall’

Merging modern luxury with historic structures increases creative thinking. The historic sculpture damped completely in purple compliments the contemporary dining set-up. The vintage chandelier hanging over the top of the porch, floral centerpiece and red carpet on the floor explicitly defines the feeling of the  event.

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