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Floral Trends For Your Corporate Event

27-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Business Events

It is true that flowers add that blend and bounce to an event. Did you know flowers are not only considered auspicious for weddings, but they can also add beauty and softness to a business or a classy corporate event. Flowers are considered nature’s bauty element and it is surely true.

Here are a few flowery ideas to add that edge to your next business event!

Sophisticated Blooms

Order in or use expensive, imported or exotic flowers to up the game of class, it gives a good impression of your company. And a sight of unusual yet famous renowned buds is a treat to the eye. It might become a remembrance for your guests as some of them might be witnessing the blooms for the first time.

Take me backs

Awe your guests with a little more of something, as a return gift or acknowledgement of their presence you can welcome or bid them goodbye with small flowering saplings or a bunch of rare flowers.


As a gift or a decorative element, flowers never lose their charm, you can go green by adding sustainable options such as real-like fake flowers and eco-friendly decorative, so that you are in the good books for social responsibility for following the sustainable way  without compromising on beauty and style.


Like every other step in event production, in order to choose flowers too, kepp in mind the different crowd demographics and dynamics, so that the setting matches the crowd. Also to generate talks you can follow different floral trends going on in the market for that particular type of event or among competitors.

Season Special

Like fruits and vegetables , all flowers too have their own season of blossoming and falling. To be in blend with the weather you can use season special blooms. E.g if your event is in the winter you can decorate your venue or gift winter blossoms such as dahlias, marigolds, phlox or petunias, similarly seasonal flowers for summer and monsson.

Mellow Scent

There is a mood of every event and it is different for a loud promotional event and an evening dinner. Choose flowers giving out the rightly refreshing scent according to the theme. Mild smelling flowers for formal and important events while strong scented blooms for vibrant and interactive events.

Forms and Frames

Flowers when combined with different types of decor add to the beauty of the already existing decor. You can use candles with the flowers to add elegance, or add leaves and stems to give a rustic, yet elegant forest feel. Also you can add flowers in water in huge tubs at spots to take decor a notch higher.


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