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Top 10 Books Event Planners Should Read!

12-Nov-2019   Author :   Category : Entertainment

A book is considered as a man’s most resourceful friend. There are different learnings from the different types of books one reads. That is why reading isn’t just an activity, it is an experience leaving behind valuable morals, ideas,mindsets and abundant knowledge. There is a book for every kind of knowledge, be it emotional, practical, theoretical, linguistic, professional and etc.

Are you an event prof ?! Here is a list of top 10 must read books to add value to your skills

1. The Accidental Creative: How to be brilliant at a moment’s notice- Todd Henry

Read this book and get prepared to ramp up your brilliance. It not only sharpens your thinking ability and speed but also influences you to think creatively and come up with quick solutions to last minute changes, incidents and halts. In order to thrive in today’s world you surely need to come up with something new.


2. The Business Of Event Planning: Behind the scenes secrets of successful special events- Judy Allen

This book is all you need if you are looking towards learning through practical tools and expert advice from some professional event planners. You will also get the whole picture of what goes behind making a special event successful even before the planning process. This book is enough to get your ball rolling in the event industry.


3. Into The Heart Of Meetings: Basic principles of meeting design- Mike Van Der Vijver &  Eric De Groot 

This book is key for professionals who want to make it large in the industry of corporate events, meetings, conferences and other formal affairs. It explains meetings not only as mandatory events but also as a way of communication in formal lines. It describes meeting as a characteristic process and how one’s mind can be impacted, simply by different meeting structures and designs.


4. Special Events: A new generation and the next frontier- Joe Goldblatt

This piece of work puts on record and champions the development, changes, and challenges faced by the global celebrations industry for event planners. New interviews are included with experienced event leaders to give a better understanding of the field. It also touches upon topics such as green events, corporate social responsibility, event measurement, evaluation and assessment through various chapters and case studies.


5. Sustainable Event Management : A practical guide- Meegan Jones

Across the world each year events of every shape and size are held: from community events, school fairs and local business functions through to the world’s largest festivals, music events, conferences and sporting events. This book says out loud that events also have the power to show sustainability in action and every sustainably produced event can inspire and motivate others to action.


6. Event Management For Dummies- Laura Capell

Whether you want to break into this challenging industry, or you just need to plan an event. There’s something in this book for all would-be event planners. It is packed with tips, hints and checklists, covering all aspects of planning and running an event – from budgeting, scheduling and promotion, to finding the location, sorting security, health and safety, and what not?


7. Event Planning Tips: The straight scoop on how to run a successful event- Natalie Johnson

This book aims to inform the readers of the benefits of managing an event successfully. It also shows the importance of proper planning, marketing strategies, before-and-after organization, and developing the right skills to create memorable and incredible events. If you want one read for all the knowledge this is an ideal read, so grab on to it at the earliest.


8. Meeting Architecture, A Manifesto- Marteen Jan Vedastus Venneste

This is yet another read revolving around the arena of corporate events. This award-winning book tells you all about organizing, planning and even running formal events, business events, corporate events, meetings, conferences summit and all coming under the same event concern. It throws light on the process of designing and throwing better, more effective and impactful events.


9. Return On Investment In Meetings & Events- Jack Philips, M. Theresa Breining & Patricia Pulliam Philips

In this book Jack Philips explains the methodology of return on investment in the events sector as a five step process. He also expresses that all the levels must be carried out to get returns from evaluation, skills and knowledge through application for business results to become monetary gains and benefits.  


10. The Wedding Book-Mindy Weiss & Lisbeth Levine

This publication is like the bible for wedding planners. It is a step to step guide for a perfect wedding with the celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss and contributions by Lisbeth Levine. It gives an idea about all the marriage decisions such as budget, tastes, themes, forms, decor, vendoring and much more. The authors even discuss the pros and cons of different wedding types and decisions to be taken.


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