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Traits To Consider While Choosing Your Event Venue

04-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

The venue of an event is something that leaves behind an imprint on the human memory and also creates an impression about an event making it a memory. The venue is the space and the grace of the event.

Here is what you should be concerned about while choosing a venue for an event!


Your venue’s location should be within the reach of a majority of your attendees, if many of the attendees are from out of town you can consider a venue near the airport or railway station, for state events you can host the event somewhere on the high way or in the outskirts. For local events centrally- located venues in the city are most apt.

Parking & Amenities

Once the attendees are there their convenience is your responsibility so, in order to make your work easier you can choose a venue with a built parking area and other convenience oriented amenities such as walkway, drive way, trash collection area, different spots for different relaxation purposes.


By the time you go to check out the venue you are well aware about the scale of the event, the reach and even the rough event population. So choose a suitable event venue that suffices to the amount of people attending the venue. Remember bigger isn’t always better and nor do you want to congest the crowd.


Some venues have tie-ups with caterers or decorators and sometimes management companies and agents such venues should be on the top of the list but, also they should be relevant to the event, crowd and quality dynamics.

Safety & Security

Make sure that the venue you choose is well-equipped for fire-safety, water sprinklers and other infrastructure in case of any mishap, also the venue should have multiple entry and exit points so, that vacating the venue in the time of need is quick and the attendees remain safe. A venue with a security cabin is like a cherry on the cake as guards are the ones who avoid any chaos and harm.


Having a blueprint of the venue at which you are going to host your event will be of great use. Go for a venue with a flexible layout so that you can set up different attractions and services for your event attendees after all the ulterior motive of making an event successful is attracting and entertaining a large crowd.


Not only event specifics and physical traits determine an ultimate venue for your event, weather check too , is important and this is where you need to check ambience and ensure comfort of your attendees if your event is to take place during summers then you can go for centrally air-conditioned halls and banquets.


Not only safety and comfort of attendees is key but even the venue and your event should be safe. Therefore the venue you choose too should be insured on the name of the owner or the land lord or the person concerned. If the venue is not pre-insured you can hire an agent and get it insured just for the time of your event, so that the insurance can support you in bearing and reimbursing loss.


A venue friendly to the physically handicapped will help in making it accessible to all your attendees. You can choose a venue with ramps or lifts so that reaching the venue is effortless for the seniors and disabled as you won’t know if your attendees require special care or not unless they attend the event.


 The budgeting of the venue is already done and settled with so, choose a venue that falls under the limitations of the budget allocated. Many a times majority of the event budget goes into confirming a venue so negotiate or get the best deals from the lease or the landlord. Also as discussed earlier if the venue provides services from their side then you can go a bit beyond venue budget and select it.


This is the final step before you confirm the venue. The venue should be available on the day of the event and at the time required for the specific time period. To combat the possibilities of its unavailability, you can keep a few more venues as back up options. But, the most apt point is they should be according to the dynamics and requirements of your event.

Winding up

Once the venue is selected, all you have is a plot of land or an empty hall. It is your job to give it a look and make it outstanding so that your attendees have the best and the most memorable experience along with comfort and safety.

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