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What To Choose From, DJ or Live Band For Your Event?

18-Jul-2019   Author :   Category : Entertainment

Music is a must for social events like weddings, birthdays, parties and other informal occasions. Making the right choice in music will add the proper spice to your event. Generally people hire a DJ or a live brand to add melodies and frolic to their event.

Less discuss the distinct traits of both that will determine your decision.

Cost- This is one of the prime factors that will assist you in making a decision. Generally hiring a band cost more than hiring a DJ with a console due to the human resource and originality. But, on the other side a DJ might get costlier depending on the artist you hire and the duration you hire for.

Theme- The trend of themed events has been going on for quite some time. If you are planning a themed event, stick to the theme and come up with a suitable music solution. You can go hire a DJ if your event has a bollywood theme or if it’s a Indian royal theme wedding, you should opt for a band.

Creativity- When you hire a band there are limited songs and instruments to choose from. But, this is not the case when you book a DJ. He comes with varied collections of varied genres and also play dedications. The choice here remains between live and recorded.

Wow Factor- A band surely adds on to the wow factor of your event due to its grandeur, the uniforms, the instruments and the mood. It is tougher for a DJ because the music he plays has to be appealing to the public and match the mood they are in, while a band master doesn’t have to worry about it as the crowd moulds its mood according to their tune.

Continuity- A DJ can play longer than a band because he doesn’t have to play an instrument or sing. Bands take rest at certain intervals to refresh once the master demands. This might kill the mood of the public. But even when a DJ monotonously plays songs back to back it might seem to become noise. Both have drawbacks in this, choose wisely!


Now that you are aware of the factorial differences between the two you know what to carry on with or to change to? Carry out a background check, personality, rehearsal and getting an experience report is advisable. Make an informed decision if not a wise one. Finally frame a contract.

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