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5 Event Management Lessons To Learn From The Movie Gully Boy.

23-Feb-2019   Author :   Category : Information

Lets check out  5 event management lessons to adapt from Gully Boy to make your event raw and  hard like the movie!

  • Promoting eccentricity.

Hip-Hop music is the eccentricity that is promoted in the movie Gully Boy! You can apply the same logic to your events, one thing that you can surely earn is the curiosity of attendees. It may be serving a dish they have never heard  of , an unusual sitting arrangement style or maybe a stage décor that they have never seen; whenever attendees come across such anomalies their mind wants to connect and know more. 

  • Do not state the eccentricity explicitly.

One cannot say after watching Gully Boy that the purpose of making this movie is just promoting hip-hop music in India! No! The promotion of Hip-Hop music is done by highlighting,” follow what your heart says,” by highlighting those moments of reality wherein,” the line of difference between what is taught to you as good and bad diminishes,” by highlighting,” the competition between rapping about their lives and other rappers!” Understand your event completely! List down its sub-parts that support. Use those sub-parts to highlight the eccentricity. For example: If your event is a musical concert, the eccentricity in it is the kind of music that will be served from musicians. The sub-parts of such an event can be: stage décor in the way that every attendee can have a comfortable view of it from his/hers sitting arrangement, it can be the arrangement of the sound system in a way that the music being played is audible to every attendee in equal amount! 

  • Local Inclusion.

If you see Gully Boy, it has Mumbai’s  characters being portrayed on screen by Ranveer and Alia, also it is shot on local streets. When localism is included it increases the probability of anyone to connect. As an event manager always do some research about that locality! Applying local touches to your event  can establish an extra-ordinary connection.

  • No force .

Alia Bhatt speaking about women empowerment and Ranveer Singh talking about beliefs are scenes when the director is not proving anything. Similarly, for an event, start with your experiences but do not mix up assumptions. You can never make your event  beautiful by force.

  • The attitude of every essence should be raw.

Be it lyrics of the songs in the movie, be it cinematography, photography, the storyline, every  aspect of the movie speaks out this sentence i.e. I am Raw! Anything with this raw attitude is always surplus. Understanding your client’s demands plays a vital role in comparing between raw and surplus! For example: For decoration of the event your client has demanded flowers. You don’t necessarily need to have lilies or any other exotic flower breed that has a huge name and is currently trending! Any locally available flower’s breed that is spread over calculated distances can suffice for fragrance and visual treat. 

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