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5 sense event experience for success of any event

23-Feb-2019   Author :   Category : Trends & Event Ideas

Attendees experience is the scale that is used for measuring an event’s success. The more pleasing an experience is for its attendees, the more successful that event is! To please an event attendee is to make an event pleasing for all the five senses. Rather than stereotyping your event by utilizing complete budget of the event in pleasing one or two senses, dividing it into 5 and making the event pleasing for every sense is how you can increase the probability of making your event successful. Here is how attendee’s senses function and coordinate with each other, creating an opportunity for event managers to build their palace of success!

Pleasing an attendee’s eye is the first chance to score:

Be it any type of event, pleasing the attendee’s eye places the first brick that is required for building the event manager’s palace of success! It can be an eccentrically decorated entrance gate for the wedding event, it can be a stage for the event that can be an anomaly to the usual stages, or it can be the entrance passage walkway that can have continuously changing 3d visuals that constantly keeps attendee’s eye engaging. Anything that is pleasingly eye-catching will engage the attendee’s eyes. Remember this is the stepping brick which will then be the ground for other bricks for making your success palace and, the stronger the rudiments, the stronger becomes the other build up!

An example of a visual extravaganza themed Under the Sea is depicted in the image below:

If it is pleasing for the attendee’s eye, it will ask the nose to join:

Once our eyes see an attractively pleasing visual, we decide to engage in other senses as well. Imagine a passage walkway that has fresh flowers/scents that are scattering fragrance at regular intervals! The attendee’s nose would undergo an equal amount of pleasing effect that his/her eyes undergo while seeing a creatively unusual entrance gate! If your venue does not have a passage walkway, you can have aromatic sprays at equal distances, giving attendee’s nose the engagement that is essential. A good visual with a bad aroma would engage the eye at first, but if the nose smells any bad aroma, it would coordinate with the eye and instead of placing the second brick, the first one would be taken aback.

A nose in praise makes an ear curious:

All the senses are in constant coordination with each other. If one is pleased by some arrangement, the message is passed on to the other. So when you have curated a pleasing experience for attendee’s nose, the message is passed on to the ear which becomes curious. This curiosity is the 3rd opportunity for you to score. A pleasing instrumental track going on in the background is one way to please the rising curiosity of an attendee’s ear. It can be a recorded track or live music as per the budget of your event. If your event does not have any music, there can be a little bit of anchoring done by the host which can not only be pleasing for the ear but also be directive for the attendees. Pleasing the 3rd sense organ would mean that the construction of your success palace is 50% complete!

The greediest sense organ to please Tongue!

At most of the events, this is the only sense organ that event managers try to please. The traditional belief of,” Nicer the food, nicer the event!” is still dominant in events and that is the reason for terming this sense organ as the greediest sense organ! Not only should the food be served as per attendee’s demand, but also it should have the taste as per their demand. A good starter served at the attendee’s place of sitting can be a starter to satisfy this greediest sense organ, serving meals only when they are hot is the way to go after starters. A variety of food that is unique is something you can experiment in your event because what is unique is at least tasted by everyone and is also engaging at the first moment when it is declared. Pleasing this organ would mean that construction of your success palace is completed. Finishing is the only thing which this palace needs.

How can you please attendee’s skin?

This experience will be catered to attendees alongside the experience that you give to his above mentioned 4 senses! Feeling something is what one wishes to do after seeing, smelling, hearing & tasting something pleasant. Good texture on the material that is used in sitting arrangement for the attendees can make them want to feel it! If there is live music in your event, portraying small musical instruments and making others feel it can be a way to engage this last sense! Use of material of a different kind in designing the passage walkway or the stage can be another way to create curiosity in attendee’s mind, making him want to feel it! Just like a bad finishing in construction can make one regret about the pleasing experiences that he has had before, a bad feel can make one regret for feeling pleasant about good visuals, fragrance, sound & taste.

An example of the use of colors and textures in an event can be the image below:

Keeping a pleasing element for each of the senses is just like knowing the main part of an event, but not limiting the highlight only to that main part, instead of knowing the sub-parts of that event and being justified by giving every sub-part the amount of highlight it deserves. The one who understands this logic finds a place in the list of successful event managers, whilst the others are just event managers!

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