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5 ways to indulge with your audience in the very first minutes of your event

05-Feb-2019   Author :   Category : Trends & Event Ideas

Very often we come across events wherein everything is perfect, the audience is enthusiastic, the hosts are charming, there is good music & even good food, but still, the event on a whole looks incomplete. When you go a step forward asking, “Despite of no lack in resources, what is it that makes the event looks incomplete?” 

Listed down are some of the ways to quickly get your audiences indulge in the very first minutes of your event.

  • Start your event with an interactive game

This trick is used by a wise anchor who knows that without interacting with everyone, it is not possible to make event productive. Of course doing this individually can consume all the time you have, instead, why not play a game which demands everyone’s participation?

  • Start by playing a prank with your audience

Pick your mic up, raise your voice and tell them, “The event is cancelled because of so and so reason.” Surprising audience cannot be done in a better way than this.

  • Flash mob performance

Imagine, when people are waiting for the event to start, expecting the performers besides them is something they can at the least expect! Taking benefit of the same, scatter your team before the start, signal them out at a correct moment and perform a chorus singing or may be a dance.

  • Make the event look exact opposite of what’s mentioned in the invitation cards

Make whosoever is the audience at that moment think,” have I read the invitation card correctly!” Making them curious would give you the exact amount of indulgence that is needed. Anchor will be the one who would be doing all the nitty-gritty of the whole play.

  • Make them speak about their expectations before starting the event

Every “he” who has decided upon spending even few seconds at your event, has some expectations from it. Make all those “he’s” present at your event speak up about their expectations and let them know each other’s opinions.


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