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Filler Acts Every Event Manager & Wedding Planner Must Try!

18-Jan-2019   Author :   Category : Information

Fun and engaging event fillers are vital for interlinking event episodes and are a base for a successful event. Fillers help attendees to digest the event substantially making it worthy and valuable. Each act in a filler is a booster for the main event to keep the audience tied to their seat without losing the interest.

During any event, the connection of the audience should not only be superficial but also intense in all the corners of the event maze. The purpose of fillers is to talk to an audience emotitionally.  We believe our fillers will overpower our expectations.

Considering this, we have put together some interesting  ways to enjoy with the audience. Only when it sprawls with all colours of sentiments and feelings at full momentum will it justify our efforts.

Here we are showing you some awesome eye catchy Filler acts to keep  your audience entertained. Have a look!


Established in 2001, this incredible dance troupe specialises in unique LED shows featuring Indian dancers. From being a primary dance company to Tron dancers, they fuse ancient culture with technology. 

An energetic Bhangra dance comes with lots of emotional gestures and wonderful junction. This junction rectifier show can appeal your audience wrapping up with a fun activity and classic Indian choreography.

With a passion for what they do, these professional dance choreographers continuously look forward to the future to see how they can utilize new technologies and ideas in their dance routines.

They were awarded as the most effective prime Dance cluster in  the Asian nation, 2013. Their dancers have performed in India’s Got Talent & Dance India Dance. You can book them for events worldwide.


The flying violinist will take your events to new heights with acts never seen in India before. It will surely add the wow factor to your event.

This extraordinary female violinist is an amazing musician and flawless performer, who can make  her performance a stunning spectacle. She has surpassed all her records and skills with her brilliant aerial violinist shows  leaving the audience breathless.

Amuse your event attendees with this fabulous Flying bowed stringed instrumentalist based in Mumbai,available across India.


Virtual reality painters are breaking  barriers between imagination and reality as they bring superb 3D art to life with their new live painting expertise. This innovative live event painter and 3D artist render an immersive experience by using a VR headset and screen projection. This is a perfect filler act for exhibitions and events everywhere.

This collaboration of art and technology offers attractive creation without an alternative. Using VR Vive telephone receiver, the speed painter creates magnificent 3D art right infront of your eyes. The speed painter specialises in making art at high speeds for prime impacts. It is more fun when guests use their own smartphones and headsets to look at the painting in the screen.

If you're looking for an innovative and artistic entertainment for an event or product launch, you should go with this type of event entertainment.


This act is a breathtaking and extraordinary one in any sort of spectacle. Models seem to run on water as they strut down the ramp. This will hook and enchant your audience with incredible illusions. You can incorporate logos and pictures for a distinctive chance of  disapproval .

It is based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but  is desired at events worldwide. This is a new and exclusive type of recreation which will definitely enhance the awe in any event. This spectacular fashion show on water is guaranteed to draw crowds to your event and leave guests with memories.

The production team has been long established now, with an over 30 years experience in creation of spectacular, stunning shows and events throughout the world.


This is an exciting diversion possibility;  its video game mirror wall creates a novel reflection for your guests. The interactive mirror comes with an adjustable screen, cameras & motion sensors. This type of act is ideal for seasonal & promotional events. The screen is customized and branded.

It reacts to customer movements, the projected pictures stay aligned even though the guest square measures performing arts, jumping or even turning around. A fully customisable video game act that will win hearts with their projected videos that have speech bubbles, animal heads, Santa hats, shopping bags and much more.

Guests love seeing themselves as a part of an increased reality projection. You can hire them for your upcoming event.

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