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Disadvantages Of Event Tech

25-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Event Technology

In this era or digitalisation, the nature of technological advancement is unstoppable and technology has reached each and every sector of the economy, be it corporate or domestic a private setting or a public outburst, technology is the thread of the world with no end and looses. But like every person it too has its brownie points and set-backs.

Here are the different cons of technology to keep in mind while utilising them.


Integration of the technology surely reduces manual labour and requirement of personal, but technology is complex and knowing its ways is confusing, while integration systems often follow flow of data through different CRM methodologies, which many a times sorts data incorrectly or in a slot against your will, in such times delay will be at your doorstep, so call on a technician with deep knowledge about the software or platform you are dealing with.


Technology has just recently taken the event industry by storm, so new event platforms, software and apps are coming up in the market by the day by budding and brilliant engineers. Now the catch here, is acquiring these softwares. Some of the applications might be free but with in-app purchases, but the price at which these software and platforms are available to the different event associations and management companies is quite high and for a relatively lesser time period.

Data Transfer

Platform and software can be used multiple times in the given period for different events. The fall back here is that you need to transfer, edit  and change the data and information as and when the event changes or for different events. This becomes a taksing job for most event managers and a reason to hire data keeping personnel.

Power Supply

Being run by technology, that runs on electricity , this is going to be an everlasting problem, there will be times when there will be no electricity supply, cut down or even slow network connections, in this case restarting the software or platform is the only way to go, this delays the work and takes double ti\me for execution or finishing the entire project. This problem might even hit you on the big day and you wont be able to do anything about it, so be alert!


This is one more problem existing in the society, not all systems, domains or servers are compatible with all event technological applications, platforms or software. So, you need to research and find out the one which fits your system or buy a new system that is compatible with the event technology of your choice.


This can actually be a pro too! But arriving at one informed decision with regard to which software, application or platform to use is difficult in this world where innovations and scientific upgradations take on the world by the day. So keep your priorities from the software to use , clear! and also consider monetary feasibility and time duration, for which you require the software.

Winding Up

Here we discussed about the different drawbacks of event technology , but don’t hesitate installing event technology as it can be the element to make your event one of a kind and speed up production and planning process amongst the other different boons it has to offer us.

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