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Exquisite Cuisines For Weddings

06-Aug-2019   Author :   Category : Weddings

Food is the life of the wedding, people think of what will be served even before they go to buy the wedding gift. There is a large variety of food available everywhere from across the globe. Good quantity and quality food leaves guests satisfied and praising the bride’s family’s culinary decision.

Here are the trending cuisines you can consider for a magnificent wedding party

Niche Cuisine

Bite-sized cuisine has always set an edge of sophistication to the evening. Serving plates with minimalistic portions always satisfies taste-buds. Many niche dishes served at the wedding give the guests a chance to taste everything before their stomach is full.

World Cuisine

Counters serving cuisines from different parts of the world become an attraction for the guests, getting tempted and confused about what they should try and not. It is also advisable for weddings with a long guest list as everyone has different likes and tastes.

Regional Cuisine

Who doesn’t want to make their guest feel homely? Regional cuisine carries high relevance and rich culture. It propagates secularism in the community and a specific bent, just through home-made type food, confused, just go for the regular community food at the wedding.

Concept Cuisine

This cuisine has been in trend from a decade now, but it isn’t losing it’s charm at all. Live counters give the guests a glimpse of how the food is cooked, right in front of their eyes and it is served hot. Live counters attract crowds as they are always packed with people gathering around for their turn to get the food.

Celebrity Cuisine

You guys would have heard that many of the celebrity chefs have started catering services for wedding. E.g. Happy Singh from Master chef. People do not want to compromise with food taste and quality at any point especially for a marriage. So, if you have the budget you can go for this option.

Savoury Cuisine

A wedding is an auspicious ceremony so ‘mooh mitha karo’ is the ritual they go by. Different sweet delicacies, ice-creams and sweet dishes are relished at the end without fail. Sweets are a must for a  smile on the guest's face.

The After-feast freshener ritual

After a feast the guests are full. To refresh their breath and help in digesting the array of foods in their stomach, you can add a counter serving lip smacking betel leaf and soft mouth freshner. You can keep options or stick to one.


Whatever option you go for, conduct a background check of the catering service you choose, the quality of their ingredients and not to forget speed and serving efficiency. Also, how established they are in the market. As far as food choices are concerned you can go with common taste types or something completely new but with ingredients preferred by your guests.

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