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Food and Beverages in Events

05-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Entertainment

We all know that a great meal or a nice cup of coffee is a great conversation starter for any scenario. Whether a simple elegant tea party or a gala dinner, food and beverages have always been a crucial aspect for events.

At events food isn’t only about filling your attendees’ stomach; it is about becoming a memory and binds the experience with your event brand!

Importance of Food and Beverage at events

Many a times in events such as weddings and other functions, food becomes one of the primary reasons of attending. Indians pay a great heed to food due to the vested in culture and vibrancy in the sub-continent consisting of different tastes, backgrounds and even nationality, since the golden era a great importance has been given to the spices in India, hence the food culture is ever expanding in India.

Food& Beverages: The basics of hospitality

Do you know why the events industry is on a greater bend towards the hospitality sector? Food. Food and accompaniments are the link where the hospitality sector and events meet in the first place. By serving food we not only satisfy the audience but, make them experience something and leave behind an everlasting memory of taste and cherishment. Also it is a global tradition, that hosts are to offer some treat or at least a drink of water when they have someone attend to, this too embarks the deep-rooted hospitability of a culture.

For a win-win situation try finalising the rough figure of attendees at the event, a bigger figure is manageable, but the number of heads shouldn’t reduce this will show your efficiency as a food manager. Not only food management is important for food and beverages at events, but also you must ensure hygiene and good quality food for attendee health concerns and a good reputation of your event and in-turn your company. Food is the connect to networking opportunities not only among attendees and event population but also among the industry players such as different event vendors, caterers and event planning individuals and companies.

 You can also earn bonus points if you take menu development and dish selection seriously because matching the attendees’ taste, is what will make their evening more enjoyable and show how much you care.

Budget and innovation: Presenting the food

This is the state of dilemma the event planner or the host fall in, most of the times. It is not always a win-win when you hire extravagant, high-end caterers for service at your event unless they know the caterers or like the taste of the food. One more major thing for which budget isn’t that necessary is presentation, because even before the guest eats the food he sees it, contemplates on it and then takes a bite. 

Your food should not only be a delight for the tongue but also pleasing to the eye. So, it isn’t a problem if you don’t have a budget for a lavish caterer, you can present and finalise your food dishes in different ways in accordance to themes, plating and style. You can go for live counters, make it yourself sections or even the general array of food serving different traditional dishes or even the snack-ons or all time favourites. This will also help you combat the question whether the guest will like the food or not.

Winding up

Food is a physiological need that has to be met for survival so, ensure that the caterers have a good business set and use proper ingredients and hygiene standards. Also here’s an added tip: Please do know your crowd and event dynamics before finalising the dishes so that none of your efforts and also the food go in vain.

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