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With the introduction of Internet of Things there have been quite a bit of changes in the traditional methods of putting up events. IOT has not only eased the different operations and event experiences for attendees and profs but has also shown transparency of the different data to a whole new level with the evolution in data to big data.

Here is why IOT is used in events and what is its scope?!

Information access- Beacon technology and different software have different event data, attendee and professional data stored which allows each and every person linked to the event using the technology to access the data and get different kind of information for different purposes and operations of the event or regarding it.

Registration & Check-in- NFC, GPS, WIFI and BLE hep event managers to automate the registration process of attendees at events systematically. They also give analytics and data from the amount of check-ins to the event and collectively give the professionals an understanding of the crowd demographics from the information they have entered.

 Interactive set-up- Once you integrate IOT to the promotional decor and other decorative elements all the data, information or the design, photo or video is available for the equipments such as banners, standees, LEDs, projection elements and etc. This not only lights up the evening but also gives you an all new experience of an interactive set-up.

Navigations- Here we are not only talking about reaching to the venue but also getting guided in the venue about what is where. When your event is equipped with IOT through GPS attendees can reach the venue through guidance from any route they pick also by  linking the different spots of the venue in IOT , you can help the attendees to get to different attractions and places on the venue.

Security- Smart buildings and venues with different IOT technology such as security equipments and CCTV cameras keep your venue and your event a safe zone. You can monitor attendees and also the online activities with different security software such as anti-virus drives and threat detectors. This even helps cutting cost at the security personnel front as you can hire lesser security men.

Attendee immersion- As discussed earlier technology adds on to the wow factor in events, integrating IOT makes things quicker, easier and more familiar to the attendees. Using AR , VR in your events along with an interactive digital setup will leave your guests mesmerised to the event and will in-turn keep them connected to you.

Attendee management- Technology has the capacity to store big data in an organized manner, so all the details put in by the attendees will be fed in systematically under appropriate categories and filters just how you plan it , also chatbots and different automated interaction applications can help you and the attendees to interact with each other if any situation arises.

Transactions- The world is going cashless, by adopting IOT you can carry on digital transactions and deal with all the expenditures and incomes of the event all you need to do is just link your bank account and registered mobile number. Not only this, with online transactions enabled, your attendees can also book tickets of your event from where ever they are.

Transfer of data- IOT also includes cloud server to which you can transfer the data and keep it secure without any hassles of space or losing it. Also integrating your event app and website with different platforms will help you and your attendees to share data personally or socially to the public this will increase the outreach of your event and in-turn your business for future prospects.

Comfort- Now everything can be controlled at your fingertips. Installing IOT will help you control different appliances and equipments, such as air conditioners, lighting , heating appliances, sound system and even the cameras installed around;  wirelessly and speedily, so that comfort of your attendees is maintained during atmospheric and situational changes at your venue.

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