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Live music: Topping the trends in event industry today

13-Feb-2019   Author :   Category : Trends & Event Ideas


Be it a musical night before a wedding or a get together party in a society; A campfire session or a corporate meet-up of a company; live music is a must for any event to become success. More than the recorded music, Djing, people are showing an attraction towards Live Music. Losing it to Djing and recorded music; Live music was off-trend since quite a time, but it is certainly back with a bang. Let’s look at a small differentiation between Live and recorded music.

Live music versus recorded music:

  • Live music can be tailor-made whereas recorded music has its own limitations. Imagine an event which you want to theme! You can use music to theme that event and constantly market that event by using live music which is some facility that is not available with recorded music.
  • Live music can be a tool to engage audience with the host of that event. Whereas recorded music can sound a little less engaging because it is a record of what was performed live somewhere before.
  • People can get to hear how an instrument sounds originally rather than in the recorded music. This can result in both the ways i.e. good or bad, but it can definitely clear people’s misunderstanding.  And this is something that is completely unavailable in recorded music.
  • Live music has flaws in them which recorded music does not. Sometimes it is necessary to have something in an event that has some flaws just like humans do. No human is perfect as such!
  • By providing live music in an event, you can get more people because people like to feel the musical instruments which isn’t the case in recorded music.

Keeping live music at an event is a tedious task to accomplish. From getting the artist and his instrument on the venue, to coordinating with artist’s music list and the host’s wish, to managing the artist, the instruments & the cost of various artists that are going to play the music, also knowing whether they play in harmony or not! Such collection of small concerns often leads to a trend going out of the trend. But as it is said,” You go out of the trend to come in to the trend with a bang,” so is happening with Live Music.

Event industry is the industry where duality is inevitable. There is no one evergreen trend by following which, at every event you are bound to bag home public’s appreciation. If you are an event manager, the duality that I am going to talk would surely be well known to you. It may happen that following one trend at your event would have got you tremendous amount of appreciation, but following the same trend at another event would have proven to be a complete disaster! The reason for this can be anything, may be the genres of those two events were different, maybe because of the minds of human beings that are variedly different from each other blah, blah, blah… So, there isn’t any trend that can be termed evergreen tag for getting the crowd’s appreciation.

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