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Organising A Corporate Event

11-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Business Events

Holding corporate events adds spice to a mundane office life for everyone associated to the work place. A corporate event is successful only when it leaves the right everlasting impact and boosts morale of the attendees towards an enriched or refined motive. Regular formal meets also give insights to the authorities about the scenario in the work place and also a sense of belongingness to the employees that authorities care.

Here is what you must follow to throw an ideal corporate event!

Setting event criteria

Before starting off preparations for the event you should be well aware about the different event dynamics, also you must clear up the event purpose; this will help you determine the nature, scope and the target group of attendees for your event. Event criteria will also help you keep in check whether the event is running smoothly and the purpose is being met or not.

Deciding the event theme

This is the most in decisive step to get done with as there are a variety of options of event themes to choose from for the entertainment and refreshment of your employees or to even grab their attention and motivate them. It can be any type of event-an auction, award show, conference, internal meeting or even a company dinner. It should hold true to the crux of the event.

Hiring decisions

This is the stage right before the deck up for the event starts, this is where you determine and allot different external agencies for assistance in setting up and holding the event, basically this step considers the event production personnel, planning and plotting. You can also consider hiring logistics personnel, hospitality groups, volunteers and assistants at this point of time.

ROI determination

Every event has its spending and also target to meet. All events require a budget and it is also an advisable option, it will help you determine funds to expect in return of the investment made in the event. A budget sheet will give a better understanding of spending to the people at the event. A budget tracking sheet will ensure you do not over-shoot at any point of production.


Booking the right venue is crucial for an event and for that you should be very sure of who your attendees are? How many are they going to be? Where are they going to be coming from and also convenience to motor about in the venue, also you must consider the weather conditions before arriving at an informed decision.


The event content will be decided in accordance to the attendees and the purpose of the event also, the theme plays a very important role here. If the event is in-bound to the company then the content may not be very interactive, but of high importance, similarly if it’s a wide-span event then you may arrange different activities and slots for the audience so that attention is seamless.


Here is when you need to find the different sources which can be your event hooks or in-turn event support. An event hook is the factor that keeps the audience engrossed in the event and grabs attention, also they add on to the wow factor. You can consider calling different emcees, speakers, celebrities and performers so that the event remains entertaining and becomes a success.

Contingency Planning

Re-checking whether things are sorted is what is most important before the event starts. This is where you can make final touches or changes due to innovatory reasons or putting up back-up options. A small change in the plan or a way to secure the event will never harm if it’s about being different and audience safety.

Following up

It is of utmost importance to know how successful your event was and what impact has it made on your event population? If it is an internal event or an event with lesser attendees then you can conduct a survey or prepare feedback slips. Mega event’s success can be measured by the coverage outcome and different turnouts and the revenue collected.

Finishing up

This was all about throwing a formal or a corporate event. Planning and throwing different events is almost similar, but consists of different tweaks here and there in accordance to different event production types, venues, agendas, so take the right decisions.

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