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Tips To Create An Immersive Venue

11-Nov-2019   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

A venue is the face of the show. It is the main element that gives your event, your idea, your brand a physical state. The venue you choose also creates a reputation for your entity whether it is outdoors or indoors. So, the venue surely has to be pleasing enough for your attendees to get the right feel of your event and take interest.

Here is what you can do so, that your audience stays in awe at the venue.

Right stage

The stage or the platform where the event is going to take place should be at a proper height and centrally located as it is the main spot of attraction of the whole venue and the event. You can decorate and sculpt the stage innovatively in accordance to the type and theme of the event.

Perfect lighting

An eventful venue should look it. The lighting and the feel should be right not too dim nor too harsh after all the perceivers are going to be the audience and lighting plays an important role, if the show or the presentation isn’t clear. The purpose of all isn’t met.

Clear audio

The same goes with the sound system and audio equipment as it goes for the lighting , what is being presented and what is going on on-stage or at the podium should be clearly audible and on correct decibels. Re-checking all sound equipments before the event takes off is highly advisable.

Heighted Lectern

A lectern is in other words, a podium. It adds sophistication and class to the stage. But choosing the right heightened lectern is a tedious task as all the speakers and presenters might not be of the same height. In this case even if the stage is proper and the lectern is too heighted, the attendees won’t know who is addressing the gathering, so choose wisely!

Theme selection

You should be very clear with the purpose of the event, so choose a theme accordingly, it should be simplistic and classy yet generic and relevant to your industry and the target you are appealing to, so that the place becomes a spot of interest for the attendees and this will make them indulge more.


The venue should be easily accessible and known by the public. Access here is not only reaching the venue but places in and around the venue should also be a go to for the event attendees such as stages, counters, toilets, exits and fire exits also parking. Convenience is key.


An event should look it. Looking for a mega event then the venue should be it , set your venue and event design in accordance to the expected event population, type and different crowd and event demographics. If it’s a small event an indoor venue will do, if its a function booking outdoors is the way to go.


Event forms are nothing but the different physical aesthetics sometimes necessary and sometimes additional to make the venue what it looks like in the end such as furniture, centrepieces, banners, projections, booths and etc. Keep a check that all of these are upto the mark , while deciding ensure that everything is in sync with the theme and purpose.


Pleasing melodies and clips are a delight to the ears. Putting light music or music in accordance to the nature of the event and the mood of the evening can actually keep your attendees glued to their seats and make them refrain from leaving. Alas, adding music or not is completely your choice, but there is a song for every occasion, so you can try this out.


Make your venue hip and happening by adding different attractions, so that it becomes a multipurpose location with kids area, food counters, different zones, mini acts platforms and much more. This will encourage the attendees to spend a longer time at the your event and make it a memory.


An event is not propaganda of forcing your business down your attendees. There is a difference between promotion and advertising though thin. Do not throw in your brand wherever and whenever. It shows unnecessary hype and the attendees will resist all of it. Light branding on stage and mentions at scheduled times is enough to grab attention and leave and impact.


Make your venue as photogenic as you can! Install photo booths and internet pwered check-in spots so, that your attendees can make glimpses at your event visible online with their status feed, photos and videos, this will not only make your event famous but will also save your event in their memories.

Hygiene and neatness

Cleanliness is next to godliness. No one wants to be in a messy place with mismanaged tidiness. Hire swift cleaners to keep the venue spic and span. This will keep your attendees out of disgust and the different dangers to health which might occur due to unhygienic and dirtiness. Cleanliness isn’t limited until the event is over but, you should wind up with proper garbage disposal, being responsible for the event.

Food for thought

The areas discussed above will surely make your venue appealing but, make sure everything is carried out as decided upon , within measures and all the above strategies may change according to the event type, weather, availability, purpose attendee demographics and different ideas. Be wise!

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