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Business Events: A 360° perspective

21-Jan-2020   Author :   Category : Business Events

Business events are a newly evolved genre in the event industry after the expansion and shifts in the trends in the sub-continent. Events are one of the most awaited by everybody, so in order to create  an enthusiasm in the employees and awareness amongst the public, corporate giants and firms go in for putting up business events.

Business events can be primarily broken down into two scopes defining the boundaries of the event. One being internal events restrained to the company involving the company men such as investors, stakeholders, employees and etc such as milestone events, board meetings and appreciation events and the other being the public events involving the generalites such as tradeshows, product launches, seminars and open conferences. You can expand your internal events by involving the general public such as family of the company men or giving personnel an extra invite so, they can get who ever they wantto your event.

Let us now talk about the dynamics of business events from perspectives of different fronts.

The Owner

The idea of putting up a business event can only be put in to force if the owner or the head of the company or the firm agrees to it. Here are the key points why an owner sets up a business event.

  1. An event at a company builds a positive and vibrant culture of the company making it a more comfortable and easing place to work in.
  2. It is an opportunity or a chance for the head or the owner to know his employees their preferences, work and capabilities at one single occasion so, that he /she knows his team better.
  3. It is the boss’s duty to ensure that the employees are stress-free and fresh enough to work and take up tasks, holding events at the work place will help battle fatigue.

The Employee

Even if the owner is ready to go forward with the idea of keeping an event be it internal or open to the public , the event is nothing without employee support and indulgence. Here is what a business event means to the employees.

  1. Be it backstage work or just being present at a company event, it leaves behind a sense of belongingness in the employee of the person being a part and taking pride of the organisation.
  2. It doesn’t compulsorily have to be an appreciation event. Throwing an event many a times boosts the employees to work better and further be associated with the company.
  3. A company event is an event giving the employees different glimpses about the company , its journey, agendas goals to meet and met. This gives them a purpose to work.

The Public

Not only the employees are the attendees of the event, but make your event that grand that it reaches out to the public as well. This increases the base of the company and increases familiarity amongst the public. This is why the public is interested in heading towards a formal  event.

  1. Business events are one of the prime strategies of the company to build a goodwill and a brand name for the public, so they can count on it.
  2. It is a primary objective of the public to find out, why the event is being held in the first place and what the company has to offer.
  3. The event is the face of the company making the public know its history, existence,purpose and aim as the public at the event consists of business prospects such as potential employees, media men and etc.
  4. Not only this, but your event population also consists of other market players and the general public who may want to invest in shares and stakes of the company, or be associated with your company in some way or the other such as tie-ups, sponsorships for events and initiatives, collaborations and even accumulations.


Ending Note

Now that you know what role does a business event play for each person involved with it. You can either hire an event agency or back up a free lance event planner with your company personnel or even come up with a fully self produced company event. Afterall, people just need a reason to gather and come up with something new to enjoy at.

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