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Event Management For New Age Planners

20-Jan-2020   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

Events have greatly evolved and expanded due to the passage of time. Now a days there are many types of events with different purposes, set-ups and durations.

Then why shouldn’t the planning plotting behind events change?

Here is an informed process for the gen next event planners

Suppliers & Objectives- As you are holding the event, there is a planned purpose of the event and also a goal you need to achieve. Attached to the goal are different things you need to get and they are rendered on by suppliers. Draft down goals and service men you require!

Registrations- In a public event or a multi trade occasion there are registrations of different kinds so, you can start off by opening and accepting registrations of different participants, stall holders and other performing  attendees so, you can get a rough amount of the event population.

Attendee Study- This is where you focus on how you will appeal to the attendees and what you have to present. You should know your audience. Conduct an audience research finding out the different dynamics of the crowd so, they enjoy the show.

On-event Immersion- Mesmerise the audience with the grandeur of your event. Go for decor and arrangements that are in accordance to the theme and the mood of the event. It isn’t true that a glamorous decor always attracts audiences.

Tech support & Training- Now a days, it is the trend to have tech support even if not necessary. Set different technology for the event and also hire technicians who have good knowledge of the technology you are going to use.

Onsite tech testing- Though this step is in quite a later stage or just before the event, you need to ensure nothing goes wrong. Once everything is set ensure that all tech equipment and functioning is perfect. Make a test run or a rehearsal.

Backdoor functions- The event is just a result of all the effort that goes into it while production and pre-production activities. Keep tracks of the different backdoor or backstage activities happening for your event, it is advisable to keep a track record or a progress report even a checklist!

Innovation- You want your event to be memorable, so make it one-of a kind by keeping it different from recent events, or come up with some off-beat niche or attraction. This will not only become a memory but make your event a worth experience.

Right event software- Not all events are the same and also not all tech software goes well with any event. There are many complexities of compatibility, integration or sometimes even relevance to the event. So use the technology that is in sync with your resource and event purpose.

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