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A Talk with Dr. Megha Bhatt, founder of SciKnowTech

17-Apr-2019   Author :   Category : Interviews

SciKnowFest is a year-end carnival by SciKnowTech. Under this event, more than 100 projects/concepts/models will be displayed at SciKnowFest at Club Babylon (S.P. Ring Road, Ahmedabad) on 20th April, 7.30 pm onwards.

Kids from Grade 2 to 9 come throughout the year on a weekly basis and grade-wise, whatever they are learning in school - curriculum-wise, chapter-wise and concept-wise - is covered not only theoretically but also experimentally in form of field-trips, model-making, experiments, audio-visual, story-telling and experts' intervention. To know more about SciKnowFest, SciKnowTech and Dr.Megha Bhatt were asked the following questions:

1) SciKnowFest is going to display 100 plus science projects, models, games related to Science on Sunday, who are themakers of these projects, models, games and what are some of the topics on which the projects are made?

Makers are the kids who are part of SciKnowTech's year-long programme. Each and every child makes something creative under my guidance. Subject for each kid is from the textbook / whatever they are learning as per their age/grade. They have designed games for subjects like magnetism, force, light, and sound. For others, either there is a working model or a  display through models.

2) Acknowledging SciKnowFest is a year-long carnival by SciKnowTech, what is the need  to organize such a science-specific festival?

SciKnowTech's main philosophy is "Experiential Learning" and we strongly believe that the learning needs to be showcased in form of some tangible outcome so that kids & parents feel confident of application based learning in form of a perceivable outcome that is their creation. It also boosts their confidence in interacting with a huge audience on a large platform. Usually, in  schools, the child who is good at communication is given an opportunity, but here, each and every child will be speaking and talking about what they have done and learned from the process. 

3) Mrs. Bhatt's take on today's education, the education before digital transformation and what does she see that's coming in the field of education?

India  is surely the best in education as far as conceptual learning is concerned. The only part we lack is the experiential part, which leads to enhancing conceptual clarity. Our education system lacks the research attitude, even in the children with basic aptitude. So, inculcating scientific research attitude and giving them an experience will surely make them think out of the box, leading to innovation. We strongly believe that in the current digital age also, it is very important for kids to understand pure science concepts as those form the basis of any advanced learning. Our motto is "Exposure  leads to Exploration". So, one should expose their kids to such a unique initiative. 

Dr. Megha Bhatt is a veteran with rich 25-year experience in academics and 10 years in research. She has a strong academic background with a Masters in Botany (Mithibai College, Mumbai) and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Environmental Science from ISRO, Ahmedabad. As a scientist, she has accomplished a prestigious project with Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. Till now within a short span, she has exposed around 21000 kids and 350 teachers to Experiential Science Learning and have done more than 300 workshops in Gujarat, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

For regular information about SciKnowTech’s workshops and courses you can visit their website: www.sciknowtech.com or call on 9825504389.

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