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Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Mehendi Celebrations Instaworthy!

07-Feb-2020   Author :   Category : Trends & Event Ideas

Every wedding ritual is beautiful and has a unique charm. Mehendi is one such traditional yet exciting pre-wedding ceremony. Slowly and steadily the Mehendi functions have earned their grandeur aspect, remodeling into a modern hippie and fanciful function. The ceremony is always high on fun, color, and whimsy. There’s so much with just close friends and family members the ceremony is mostly a very relaxed event! It gives the bride-to-be a chance to create memories before her big day. And so, your decoration for the ceremony must capture the right essence. Here are some ideas that will make your Mehendi function stand out.

Tassel decor:

Tassels are the trend of the time for Mehendi decor and they just make everything look so happy. they're vibrant, cute, squishy and so create a perfectly possessing look when used for decoration. They are picture-perfect for the Mehendi and can instantly add a splash of color to the function. But make sure you pick the right colors. Yellow, green and pink works nicely and quirk the function in the most fun and colorful ways possible.


These paper hangings are simple yet so refreshing, bright and cute. There is no end to what one can create by folding glazed colored paper. Let your creativity flow from cranes, boats, paper fans, flowers and so much more, and add some fun and quirky vibes at the function's decor. But be careful to use strong ropes or colorful ribbons to ensure the hangings are steady yet pretty.


 Canopies, tents or teepee, whatever you call it, the fact remains the same that it adds charm as well as quirkiness to your Mehendi decor. There are so many options you can opt from according to your preferences. You can go for a modern canopy seating decor. or you can add colorful streamers, cushions & rugs inside the canopy. You can cover the canopy in drapes, flowers, and add dreamcatchers or origami to create the perfect Mehendi vibe.


Flowers look delightful and will add cheer to the Mehendi function. One can find so much versatility while choosing flower decor. you can pick according to your taste, budget and practical applicability. Flowers make your decor appear livelier and eye-catching. flowers like marigolds are the most used at Mehendi decor as they are bright and gives a pleasing look when paired with drapes.



These are the second most colorful option after flowers. You could use some of the brightest and most colorful drapes and could use them to highlight the seating area. You could incorporate anything from bangles to bells to Rajasthani dolls at the end of the drapes to make your Mehendi décor more festive and vibrant!



You can use some quirky elements to upgrade the fun quotient at your Mehendi decor. Props like decorated teapots,mirrors, kites, umbrellas will add loads of drama to your festivities. You can use printouts of your photos and use them as hangings for memorable personalized decor. You can also use mason jars as centerpiece or pinwheels or birdcages as hanging decor for the function.

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