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Different Event Marketing Tactics

06-Feb-2020   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

Advertising and marketing have become the language, the medium of today. Also they have become the breath of the business and mass media sector. A company is nothing if the public aren’t aware of its very existence.

Here are some Strategies to follow if you want ot market or go public about your event.

Brand Marketing-

This strategy is all about creating a name, an image about your event. You might have heard of promotional goodies, hampers or even merchandise being sold in the market, before a launch, a release or even  an initiation of a particular product, service or business. This is what brand marketing is all about!

Social Media Marketing-

Social media has made the world a small global village. Marketing through social media makes your event reach one and all through different public, private social media networking platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube in different formats through unique content nature such as posts, videos, write-ups, profiles and photographs.

Internet Marketing-  

This technique is a completely online method involving website marketing , viral marketing, google ads, snipettes and even SEO generated marketing and promotions. This makes your event a buzz not only in the cyber world, but also most talked about by people in the social world.

Content Marketing-

We all know that content is king, so you can put across different content and creatives centric to your event catering to the target group and the public so, that it appeals everyone to be a part of your event. You can go in for content marketing by blog writing, designing creatives, attractive flyers and coming soon posters.

E-mail Marketing-

This is an ideal method when you have a rather formal or low-key event where you already have email-address of your existing network personnel or industry crowd. You just need to put across an email, specifying different event details and invite them. It is the perfect idea for marketing an only invitee event.

Guerilla Marketing-

It is an advertising strategy where you can present the public with an element of surprise giving out different event details and secrets to increase attendees interest to attend your event. Get as innovative and informative as you can. Follow trends and study your audience choices before setting up different promotional tools.

Snowball Marketing-

This method can help you get that greater audience to your event, if you are an already established name in the industry or the society. Get in touch with your existing contacts such as customers, investors and sponsors so, that they too can attend your event with their kith and kin.

Inbound Marketing-

This strategy is highly advisable if you are holding an inbound event such as an investor meet or employees event. All you need to do is just share the invites and event details on the work domain and server, also you can put across reminders time to time in different online and off-line forms for the invites.

Cloud Marketing-

This strategy us somewhat similar to inbound marketing but the promotion and marketing in thiws case goes to all who are a part of the cloud or who have access to the cloud information. You create a space on the cloud about your event and as you upload different event information, the members of the cloud or the community get updates about it. This increases their chances of attending your event.

Influencer Marketing-

Impact of media and something viral is inseparable from us. This is a new age strategy, where you appoint different social media personnel, celebrities and well-known names so, that the popularity of your event grows and even the attendee base expands as fans and followers of those influncers come in crowds to your event.

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