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Selecting The Right Color Harmonies To Enhance Your Event

06-Feb-2020   Author :   Category : Information

You might have come across event decor that looked bland and boring or was chaotic and overwhelming. This kind of situation arises when there is a inbalance in the harmony of the color scheme. Colors scheme plays an important role in events as they evoke emotions and set the tone for the mood for the same. It consciously and unconsciously affects us and our decision-making. The right color scheme is important to enhance the live experience of your event. And as a solution to this, it is important to be familiar with the concept of color harmony. It is a part of the color theory that refers to the property that certain aesthetically pleasing color combinations have. These combinations create pleasing contrasts and are called to be harmonious. Even if you’ve never heard about this concept, you definitely would have seen it. It’s those color combinations that just go together with ease without wondering how and why. First let us recall the color wheel, for understanding the concept of color harmony better!

The color wheel displays three categories of colors: Primary colors- those you can't create by combining two or more other colors (red, blue, yellow), Secondary colors- created by mixing two primary colors(orange, purple, and green) and Intermediate or Tertiary -created by mixing primary and secondary colors(magenta, vermillion, violet, teal, and amber)

Here are the color schemes that will create the perfect harmony at your event:


Colors that are on the opposite sides in the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (for example: red and green). The high contrast of complementary colors will add a bold look to your event. If you want to want something to stand out, this is the correct color scheme but manage it carefully or else it will create a jarring effect.


Combining colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Out of the three colors, choose one as a dominant color, other supportive and the third as an accent. The colors usually match well and please the eye. This palette will create a soft, less contrasting serene and comfortable look at your event.


A color scheme using colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. To correctly balance this scheme, Choose one color to dominate and the other two for accent. This color color scheme will add a vibrant look to your event. Using the right amount of volume of how much of the color you use is important, as it can be overpowering sometimes.


A color scheme that uses one base color and two secondary colors. Two colors placed symmetrically around a complementary color on the color wheel are used to achieve this color palette. This scheme will create quite a strong contrasting effect in your event similar to a complementary scheme, but without the intensity.

Rectangle (tetradic):

The rectangle or tetradic color scheme uses a triadic color scheme but with four colors arranged into two complementary pairs. This color scheme will offer plenty of possibilities for variation for your event. Letting one color dominate the scheme will create an eye-catching impact on your event. But be careful if overused, the color scheme can make your event look showy but of poor quality.


It is comparable to the tetradic harmony but with four colors distributed evenly on the color wheel. This color scheme will let you create an eye-catching impact in your event if one color dominates the scheme. You can use this with flashy objects in your event as it works best with it. To avoid creating too flashy effect use small amounts of three colors and a larger amount of the one color.

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