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Evolution Of Events Over The Years

15-Oct-2019   Author :   Category : Information

‘Time and tide wait for no one.’ This saying thoroughly stands true to the different walks of life, also the event industry! Due to the different economic, cultural and physiological changes, the events industry has highly progressed and evolved not only technically but also in its reach and overall expertise.

Here’s how things changed in the events industry!

Earlier hosting even an All-India event used to be a pretty big deal involving large amount of handling and complexities. It used to be a big hype. Now a days more than one international event is hosted annually. Just a reason is enough to host an event now! Networking has been the riding plot for this. More the contacts wider the reach across different regions supported by the power of the internet and network connectivity. These advancements have also managed to give back different equipments and ideas to mankind, which through digitization have taken the wow factor notches higher than what it used to be.

Earlier there were only a few event planning giants and their linkages used to host all sorts of events, now due to the sensitization towards the industry and involvement, event planners are at every nook and corner taking up professional courses and advanced event management training.

Not only this, the event industry in itself has its own clusters for corporate, private events and even wedding planners. This has in-turn specialised and also expanded the event vendor businesses and generated new business and employment opportunities.


Well when we talk about time travel we can also consider the change in the people’s mindset, gender demographics and their share in the events industry. Earlier women were only present on the entertaining and stage front of events, then later the face of the event now they have reached at posts that are at par with men. Women, over the past decade have also been mentioned as highly successful event and wedding planners. This wouldn’t even be a dream in the earlier times. Requisites and pay rolls still fall back on to the backward mindset of men being the breadwinners of the family.

And not to forget, earlier hosting a single event would take months. Now due to the different innovations and increasing skill sets it has become a matter of weeks or sometimes a few days!

The Future

With the sharp and quick yet constant development trend in the economy, the event fraternity is going to be a whole new game altogether sticking to the traditional business mindset of ‘Customer is king’ by becoming more customised, technologically savvy, attendee centric and specialised. The sector of Special Events and Online Events is just at dawn where as ongoing events will be a whole new lifestyle supporting a larger amount of people just like life of a film fraternity member.

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