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Guide To Planning A Sustainable Event

19-Feb-2020   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

Due to the ravages of time and man , glabal warming has impacted and will continue to leave its mark at alarming rates in the future. So, it is the humankind’s duty to preserve whatever they can manage to, so that the earth is a livable place for the coming generations.

What to do your bit, throw sustainable events, here’s how !?

Go digital- Adopt paperless methodology to save event data, enable electronic transactions and keep everything  in records as soft copy instead of wasting resources ,energy and time. Going digital will also increase your reach and accessibility for the event.

Commution and destination- Fuel consumption is one serious concern in the global warming arena, consider a centrally located and reachable venue so that fuel , energy, time is saved and also there is less noise and air pollution.

Waste management- Being a responsible event manager carry out proper waste management strategies post the event by disseminating different waste accordingly, systematically tidying up the venue. Waste management not only voids off littering but also creates a great image of yours.

Catering- Health and wastage concepts come in to play while going for catering options. Consider vendors with hygienic and quality ingredient; also specify the event population so that there is no wastage or lack of food.

Environmental Welfare- Social responsibility is a trait which every event planner must have a sense of, contribute to the environment by donating proceeds to NGOs or running campaigns facilitating the environment as apart of your campaign. Environmental welfare is the need of the hour.

Green fun-  An event is no fun without entertainment, you can play field games, host event during the day , use power saving tech for lighting, all this will save energy , time , money and resources also reduce light pollution and help conserve natural resources.

Follow 3R principle- We all know about the 3R principle- Reduce, Re-use and Re-cylce , preach this to your team and apply this sustainability principle wherever possible, this will not only save ultilities but also cut costs and prove to be economical.

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