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Strategies To Make Your Event Marketing Campaign Successful

08-Feb-2020   Author :   Category : Event Planning & Promotion

Holding an event isn't of any purpose if no one is aware of its very existance or that it is upcoming or already happend. No one wants their event to be a flop show, gathering people and getting the public to attend your event is a sweaty job. So in order to increase event population and footfall you can run an event campaign and increase event scope.

This is how you can market your event campaign for the greatest optimum results!

Derive SMART Goals- Goal setting isn’t tough if you follow this old acronym ‘SMART’. Set aims that are specific , measurable, achievable, result-oriented and timely for the best result for your event.It is quicker and easier to attain results with this method.

Select Attribution Model- You must carry out an analytic study of other campaigns of your brand and also competitors for leads and choose the best attribution model for running the campaign precisely to get great results.

Marketing Strategy Timeline- Create a detailed time-line of the entire event planning and campaign promotion strategy, focussing on deadlines of work. It is highly advisable that you make a Gantt Chart so, that you can prioritise and make adjustments.

Secure Sponsors- Getting sponsors for your event is the most cumbersome task. Prepare a sponsorship package , something that the sponsors cant refuse. Remember sponsor metrics are key to attract funds from sponsors.

Campaign Management Software- The best platforms are reliable, detailed and render comprehensive event data and specifics. Make sure you spend enough time and the right amount of money for the right campaign management software.

Establish Online Presence- In this era of digitalisation, it has become a necessity to be online, create a website or application or even a web page or community for your event so that your event has an online presence and has a high level of accessibility.

Social Media Strategies- Being online isn’t enough, get social with others on the web, create treds, hashtags, appoint influncers, choose promoters and create posting groups and clubs, this will not only make the event famous but also help in measuring success.

Render On-Site Event Experience- At the event  harness the best in class tech and quality vendors also entertain the audience, making your event a lifetime experience will create a good brand image and also become a memory.

Content Generation- Retain your event’s memory in the attendees by converting event data to post event social media content. This will also give insights to the public about what they missed and create an interest to attend the next event.

Attendee Response And Surveying- Once the event is over you can gather bytes and responses from the attendees also to measure the victory of your event, you can check your social media handles and your website for ratings and reviews.

Comparing Metrics- This is like a follow up and the post event evaluation ritual where you sit and compare your earlier set goals and metrics with the post event results and dynamics.

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