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Top Technology Used In Events this year

30-Dec-2019   Author :   Category : Event Technology

Like every day passes, this year too we saw many different technological hardware and software upgradations, advancements and competition . Technology is the thread to render anything innovative. And it has managed to fit into any walk of life, into every sphere of life.

Here is what technology shook the events industry in 2019


It is one of the most important event technology emerged across times to help the event manager cope with the hustle and bustle of putting up and successfully winding up an event. Event diagramming in technical terms is also known as process mapping, as that is what it exactly does!


Projection mapping is not only responsible for taking the wow factor higher but also for giving insights to the event planner about different event specifics such as venue layout, stage designing, conceptualisations and etc. Different coloured and themed projections leave a higher impact on the audience making the event a memorable experience.

Beacon tech

Relying on Bluetooth signals that create an interactive atmosphere due to network creation has brought IOT in events, giving different information, data and directions to the attendees about the different spots in the venue and the different attractions of the events along with updates.


After hitting the entertainment industry AR & VR have taken to the event industry also, now a days corporate events go VR!, giving different experiences through VR devices. Also some slots with performances backed up by AR are carried out to stand out from the market. Intelligence displaying real-like elements as projections and holograms leave a mark onto onlookers making it all creative.

Facial Recognition

Not only is facial recognition installed to put in a certain acess to different event dat for event security but at times it is also customised and modified in order for check-ins and to count head by head at the event from the attendees list. If you are a listed attendee of an event, you will be identified through facial recognition technology and actions will be updated according to format.


Be it VR devices  or activity tracking devices many events give a feel of belongingness to the event. Wearables give a personal touch yet a different & unique experience altogether of being at an event. They are not only used to make events immersive but also by managers to be accessible tohrough different wearable devices.


With the introduction of chatbots and automation applications, events industry has reached a new level, where there is a personal connect with the attendees and  also they can find out how impactful and successful their event was, through ratings, polls and reviews, also robot generated automated messages are existant to clear different queries.

Data Security

In these types of lack of safety data breach is a scare! So keep all your security and anti-virus upgraded at all times to protect your event data. There are many applications and software being introduced in the market by the day with innovative security features and functions and ways of accessing data.

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