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Unforgettable Jingles Of The Previous Decade

22-Jan-2020   Author :   Category : Information

Back in the days, before the internet took over, People grew up in a pre-cable TV India. Besides the cartoons and serials that we saw at that time, we all also eagerly looked forward to the commercials, didn’t we? There have been many jingles that we loved and can’t stop humming even today because they had the best rhyme.And this makes it a good jingle that gets stuck in listeners' heads but also makes a statement about what makes your company unique. It will stay with the customers long after first hearing it. Be it Vicco Turmeric or Vodafone's You and I, we've all loved these tunes, ever since they first aired on TV. all still remember our favorite advertising jingles,don't we? Let’s get a little nostalgic as we count down our picks for the top 10 Jingles. Have fun going through it and sing along

Kya Aap Close-Up Karte Hain?

First aired in 2004 February, the jingle became widely popular among teens. The background music of the jingle was catchy and kept one hooked. The nasal tonality of the song is what stood out.

Oye Bubbly- Pepsi

This jingle surely created a lot of bubbles across the audience in 2005. The jingle as well as the copy is very addictive. The brand also launched a music video titled ‘Oye Bubbly! -the Bubbly Grind’. The music video featured renowned celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid to name a few.

You and I In This Beautiful World- Vodafone

Remember the hutch pug? The other thing that grabbed audience attention apart from the pug was the jingle. Right from the soundtrack,lyrics and beats, everything was soothing and had its own charm

Googly Woogly Woosh- Ponds

Released in 2009, the jingle is still widely popular. It became like an anthem song for the wintere. The tune in the background added a lot of value to the advertisement too.

Airtel Instrumental- Airtel

AR Rahman spread his magic by creating this uplifting tune that lives till this very moment! The tune is soothing and is surely addictive.

Vicco turmeric:

Remember the age old jingle? Vicco turmeric, nahi cosmetic… for people who grew up in India, this jingle is nothing short of a major nostalgic trip. the lyrics of the jingle sums up the benefits of the product accurately.

Limca Chura Lo Na- Limca

Released in 2009, this jingle was a treat to the sore ears.With a set of accurate lyrics and a melodious voice, this jingle is worth remembering.

Washing Powder Nirma

Remember Hema,Rekha,Jaya and Sushma? Broadcasted on radio in 1975, The Nirma jingle is perfect for a washing powder. It is one of the longest-running jingles. The music and lyrics were simple yet totally hard selling

Mhaaro Gaanv Kathiapare: Amul

The title song of national award winning film 'Manthan'- "Mhaaro Gaanv Kathiapare.." was used by Amul for its jingle. The move turned to be a huge hit as a majority of people were hooked by the song already.

Kuch khaas hai zindagi me: Cadbury

The brand is known for creating some of the amzing jingles,taglines and slogans. The jingle was like a poetry. Slow and soft music and simple words with slow beats. The jingle did much more than just selling the brand, it sold a philosophy.

Hamara bajaj: Bajaj

Launched in 1989,bajaj brought this refreshing number that made us realise the importance of having our first vehicle. The lyrics were catchy and is still listed among some of the best jingles of India.

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